Healing Numbers


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You Are About To Discover How To Unleash The Full Power Of The Healing Numbers Of Solfeggio Frequencies To Transform Aspects Of Your Life You Never Thought Could Ever Change!

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Healing Numbers


Sound that help heal various issues regarding mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Frequencies that are date back to the ancient eras and are believed to be the elemental sounds frequently used in Eastern Indian and Western Christianity religions, chanted by priests, monks, gurus, saints, and literally everyone who wished to promote better healing in the body and mind. 

“Healing Numbers of Solfeggio Frequencies” by Master Thomas Chiam will guide readers to decode the transformational and healing power of Solfeggio Frequencies through the help of numerology

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“It’s an exciting moment for me to share with you all that I have just released my new book, ‘Healing Numbers of Solfeggio Frequencies’. Many of us carry emotional baggage that prevents us from looking at the brighter side of life. It affects our mental health big time –in fact, mental health issues around the world have quadrupled up even more during the current pandemic era. But the good thing is you can get rid of these deep-seated concerns and this book will show you how”, stated Master Thomas Chiam.

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Experiences Pure Solfeggio Frequencies

You can play one at a time or all nine at one time! Try the vibrations!

Hpsrc4asdyc674aarmdu pure tone number 1
Experiences Pure Frequencies 174Hz
HNSF Number 82-1 Tones
Fu2layyyqmcgxitfr0fo pure tone number 2
Experiences Pure Frequencies 852Hz
HNSF Number 47-2 Tones
H4osjqqjtmw81anegrdl pure tone number 3
Experiences Pure Frequencies 639Hz
HNSF Number 93-3 Tones
Euzlvb7isnqnusd4ydwu pure tone number 4
Experiences Pure Frequencies 417Hz
HNSF Number 58-4 Tones
N2gi2himsdybyw7rhihs pure tone number 5
Experiences Pure Frequencies 285Hz
HNSF Number 14-5 Tones
Q2zs0fjcq6y1sdqx2ig5 pure tone number 6
Experiences Pure Frequencies 963Hz
HNSF Number 69-6 Tones
Kihnpkiut02dpdrqgfrr pure tone number 7
Experiences Pure Frequencies 741Hz
HNSF Number 25-7 Tones
Cvyjbvdiqwycmfmfsxwc pure tone number 8
Experiences Pure Frequencies 528Hz
HNSF Number 71-8 Tones
Kmwy6jlfswmcgxmnez2h pure tone number 9
Experiences Pure Frequencies 396Hz
HNSF Number 36-9 Tones